Everything is confusion regarding the reopening of Maui. Apparently the Governor extending his stay-at-home order to May 31st was in conflict to what had been told to a meeting of resort executives, and now they’re scrambling to change their plans.

The Ritz Carlton now says they’re reopening August 1st. Some other Ka’anapali resorts have extended their reopen dates to July 1st. The Four Seasons in Wailea’s website says June 1st, but word has it they’re going to extend that to July 1st, as will probably the rest of the Wailea resorts.

Even July 1st probably won’t be a firm date because of all the waffling.

Phased reopening is starting soon, but with the reigning confusion it’s two steps forward, one step back.

This is probably the best reopening summary I’ve seen in the past few days:

A concern of many locals is because Maui has one of the lowest Covid-19 infection rates in the US, and that reopening will bring in new cases of the disease, causing an infection spike that’s greater than what we’ve had.

Revised data released by the CDC yesterday that shows actual Covid-19 deaths to be half of what they were saying. This will encourage some leaders to relax restrictions, as will the Stanford and NY studies showing an amazing number of people that have the antibodies but never had the symptoms.

The revised CDC stats that show 93% of Covid-19 deaths to be people over 55 will embolden many to travel, but that over-55 crowd is the affluent crowd that Maui planners are hoping to attract more of.

My personal thought is that people won’t want to spend 5+ hours stuffed into an airplane and take their chances on getting sick in the middle of the Pacific. Warren Buffet apparently agreed with me when he dumped all his airline stock yesterday.

So a week ago we believed “we’re reopening June 8th.” Now we have no idea… Personally, I don’t think we’re going to see much tourism before Christmas.

Photo Credit: Johnny Hilliard

Johnny Hilliard Molokini Sunset