Ulupalakua and Maui Winery

As I was saying…

After miles of near-wildnerness, suddenly, civilization! You’re in Ulupalaku village. The first sign of civilization will be St. James the Less Catholic Church, on your left. It was established in 1881.

While you’ve been on Ulupalakua Ranch since you passed the windmills, other than some cattle, this is the first sign that you’re really on an 18,000 acre ranch.

St James Church Ulupalakua

After St. James church you’ll pass a few houses, and then on your right you’ll see Maui Winery.

There are tours and wine tasting available, as well as retail sales.

Maui Winery Ulupalakua Maui

A few hundred yards past the winery is Ulupalakua General Store. The Hawaiiana flavor and history it presents is well worth a stop.

Their grill is excellent, featuring beef, lamb, venison, bison and elk meat, all raised on the ranch. The views from their outdoor dining are fantastic!

A couple of miles past the general store you’ll notice that the vine-covered rock walls are suddenly clear of vegetation. That’s how you’ll know that you’re on Oprah’s Thompson Ranch. Yes, Oprah the billionaire star.

You’ll be cutting through the ranch for a couple of miles. It’s a working ranch, with a large organic farming operation, cattle and horses, and even horseback riding open to the public.

When you reach Sun Yat Sen park you’ll still be on Oprah’s ranch.

It’s not only a pretty park, but you’ll have great views of Kaho’olawe, Molokini and Lanai islands from the park, as well as the West Maui Mountains and the central valley.

Another couple of miles will bring you into the village of Keokea, dating back to the mid-1800s.

Don’t miss the great views!

To Be Continued…