We left off at Pahihi Gulch

Where were we? Oh, yes…

And then suddenly you’ll top a rise and the most amazing vista on Maui will be presented to you. It’s a true “ta-daaa” moment!

Incredible, isn’t it? For the next few miles you’ll be presented with one incredible vista after another. Take your time. Enjoy. Every hilltop is another great view. Pull over, stop and look. Take pictures. Don’t worry about traffic; by now you’ve discovered that there isn’t much.

Eventually you’ll come to Manawainui Gulch. If you stop and look over the 200 ft. cliffs you’ll see the remnants of a Hawaiian village at the bottom of the gulch.

Eventually you’ll pass a wind farm. Maui is 38% renewable energy, and plans on being 100% by 2030. Talk about a lonely place to work!

When you start seeing Kaho’olawe in the distance, you’re getting close to Ulupalakua village.

When you look about you’ll see that you’re in a lava field. This is from Haleakala’s last eruption, in 1790.

After miles of near-wildnerness, suddenly, civilization! You’re in Ulupalaku village, the home of the St. James Church, Ulupalakua Ranch Office, Maui Winery, and the Ulupalakua General Store.

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