Most people, when they visit Maui, go snorkeling, whale watching, zip lining, ride to the top of Haleakala and take the Road to Hana.

But when they get to Hana they turn around and go back the same way. It’s when you continue PAST Hana that you see another whole set of Maui Wonders.

Hana Coast

Hana Coast

All the way around Haleakala

Caution: Check your fuel. The gas station in Hana is the last one until you get all the way around to Kula, and at low speeds your miles-per-gallon is poor.

If you continue on the highway through Hana, in a few miles you’ll come to Wailua Falls, probably the most dramatic and most photographed waterfall on Maui. Lots of free, safe, off-the-highway parking, too.

Wailua Falls

Next you’ll come to lower Haleakala National Park, with the famous Pools of ‘Ohe’o.

This is the point where almost everybody turns round and goes back.

BUT, it’s exactly the same distance back to Kahului either way you go – 42 miles.


If you continue going around Haleakala, the road is going to get even narrower, it turns into a rough, dirt road, with high cliffs and no guardrails. DON’T do this in a rental car – you want a pickup truck or a Jeep to continue.

Yes, people do it in cars. We don’t recommend it.

Not for the faint of heart!

Where you’re going is the rugged outback of Maui. There’s no gas stations, no stores, and hardly any people. The road is downright dangerous in places.

But if you’re up for a real adventure, you’re going to be rewarded with scenery like no place else in the world.

Are you Ready?

Here’s some of the highlights. Hang on!

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