Planet Maui Writer Sued over Chickens on Maui Article

Dr. Jim Carey, aka Haole Boi, webmaster of and a regular contributor to the Maui Good News, was sued today in Federal District Court by the Maui Coalition of Feral Chickens and Other Poultry for defamation of character. In particular, they quoted his articles in the Maui Good News, published by Planet Maui, in […]

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Chickens on Maui – Part 2

What’s with all the feral chickens on Maui?

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What’s with all the Chickens on Maui?

by Dr. Jim Carey If Disney did chickens, they’d be Maui chickens. Arrogant, independent, decidedly territorial, and, OK, cocky, Maui’s 20,000 or so chickens – I can’t imagine who’s counting – Maui’s chickens rank right up there with snorkeling trips and luaus as tourist magnets, and are the scourge of locals wanting to sleep in. […]

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