Rink Life is coming on tour to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Thursday March 26th.

Rink Life, Lucky Plush brings its highly-integrated brand of dance theater into a communal space that nods to the visual aesthetics and social dynamics of 1970’s roller rink culture. Launching from a collision of plot points in several one-act plays, the script-turned-libretto is both spoken and sung by the ensemble, and builds upon fragments of everyday aural input—passing conversations, intimate exchanges, distant whispers, pop song ear-worms. These source inspirations come together in the delightful and moving world of Rink Life, where people navigate relationships, self-expression, and rejection in real-time.

Learn more: https://mauiarts.org/show-info.php?id=303

And https://www.luckyplush.com/calendar/2020/3/26/maui-arts-amp-cultural-centermaui-hi