Dr. Jim Carey, aka Haole Boi, webmaster of PlanetMaui.com and a regular contributor to the Maui Good News, was sued today in Federal District Court by the Maui Coalition of Feral Chickens and Other Poultry for defamation of character.

In particular, they quoted his articles in the Maui Good News, published by Planet Maui, in which Haole Boi called one of their members “the Devil Rooster From Hell.”

The entirety of Haole Boi’s articles were submitted as evidence by the MCOFCOP. You can still, at least for now, view the articles here:

Part 1: https://planetmaui.com/whats-with-all-the-chickens-on-maui

Part 2: https://planetmaui.com/whats-with-all-the-chickens-on-maui-part-2

Maui Good News found it notable that MCOFCOP compared Haole Boi to “that notorious murderer of chickens, the mongoose” 123 times in their lawsuit.

Planet Maui attempted to contact Haole Boi by phone for comment. When he failed to answer numerous calls, we tracked him to his palatial estate on West Waipuilani Road in Kihei, where we found him eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dipping it in chicken gravy.

“I will be vindicated in court,” Haole Boi told this reporter. “I stand by my article. I intend to call as witnesses every person on Maui that has been awakened in the early morning hours by a crowing rooster.”

“Furthermore,” Haole Boi told us, “I have full faith in my law firm, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe of South Ulupalakua. They told me that a bad attorney can let a case drag on for years, but great attorneys, like them, can drag it out forever.”

Wild Chickens on Maui

As Haole Boi showed this reporter to the door, he also slipped us this photograph and said, “If you see this chicken around the island, would you please call me or my attorneys and let us know? We’d like to subpoena him.”