It’s one thing to intellectually know that there are 50,000 visitors on Maui at any given time.

OGG Airport Maui
By Forest and Kim Starr – starr-090226-4047-Delonix_regia-habitat-Kahului_Airport-Maui, CC BY 2.0,

It’s another thing to see all of their rental cars lined up in the fields around the airport, as in the photo above.

Field after field of cars, stretching for a mile or more. It almost looks like it’s a farm, and we grow them here. 🙂

There’s a field of Mustang convertibles, another of Cameros, a field of minivans and a field of Toyotas – everything is lined up by make and model. It really DOES look like a farm!

We’re seeing the least amount of traffic anybody has seen in 50 years or more!