Since I only live 1/2 a block from the beach, I did the allowed thing today – I left the house for exercise, and walked the beach. OMG! I was ALL ALONE! This has NEVER happened before!

A mile of beach, north and south of where I was in the photos – all to myself!

It’s four miles across the bay to Ma’alaea Harbor, and not a boat, canoe, kayak, windsurfer or kite surfer was out there. It was surreal.

My neighbor is Jimmy Gomes, the musician. He’s lived here since 1947, when this was his grandaddy’s goat farm and the Maui Sunset condos were a dairy farm. Even he doesn’t remember the beach this empty.

“There were always people fishing and gathering he’e,” Jimmy told me. “Beach nevah beeen dis empty!”

The tire tracks on the beach are from the ATVs that the police are now using to patrol the parks and beaches.