For all the talk about reopening Maui, the beaches are still only open for exercise. Stop and sit on a bench, and you’ll get a ticket. Sit down anywhere, and you’ll get a ticket.

The Maui PD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy and if you’re not actively exercising on the beach, you’re getting a ticket.

I went for a walk today and saw a police officer walk up to a homeless guy sitting on a bench, pull out his ticket book, ask for ID, and start writing a ticket. No warnings, just a ticket for up to 1 year in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Twenty minutes later I saw the same thing happen to a girl sitting on the beach. No warning, just an instant ticket.

And THAT is why the beaches still look like the above picture when I go walking.

Travel Restrictions

If you’re in Kihei or Wailea and want to go to Kahului or Lahaina, be prepared for the National Guard & Police roadblocks. It’s amazing how intimidating they are!

You’ll need your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. If you don’t have them all, you’ll get a ticket.

Then they’ll ask what the purpose of your trip is. Since only essential travel is allowed, I advise you say, “I’m going grocery shopping.” That’s because visiting Grandma is not considered essential travel. You’ll get a ticket and be forced to turn around.

If you’re returning home when you get stopped, I strongly advise you to have a bag of groceries in your car, even if it’s a few things you threw in a bag before leaving home.

Otherwise you’ll be asked to pull over, and they’ll write you a ticket. $5,000 or 1 year in jail.

Sales and hotel taxes might have plummeted due to the lack of visitors, but the Maui PD seems to be taking up the slack.

Generating Even More Revenue From Locals

Oh, BTW. Even though traffic on the highways is down 80%, speeding tickets are up 92%. We have lots of cops with nothing else to do now. Of course, they site the extremes, but the fact is that there are now a lot more cops out there with radar guns.