Other pilots had crossed the Atlantic already, but in 1927 Charles Lindbergh made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

His flight made him famous and loved in American and Europe, but it was in the middle of the Pacific where he found his home. After his historic flight and the tragic kidnapping and murder of his infant son, he moved his family to Europe to escape the intense media spotlight.

It was after this when he discovered the island of Maui. It was the spirit of the island and its people that gave him peace, and an escape from prying eyes.

In 1974 one of the most famous American aviators was laid to rest here on Maui. Charles Lindberg was one of the most famous people in America, but to residents near his final resting place in east Maui, he was just another guy.

“We don’t look at the person as famous, but as a human being,” Kamowalii Vinuya said.

“I think he just found a place where he could just sit back and relax and live his life because over on the mainland, everybody was trying to get after him for one thing or another,” Harry Karadeema said.

Four hours down the narrow, twisty road to Hana, Lindbergh found solace in a small community and built a modest A-frame house. It’s in this town where he chose to be buried. 46 years after his death, visitors still come to pay their respects.

The trip takes visitors through lush rainforests, past black sand beaches, and breathtaking scenic views.
Charles Lindbergh traveled the world in his lifetime, but for his final resting place he chose a remote settlement on the southern coast of Maui. Past the Palapala Hoolau church in a small cemetery overlooking the Kipahulu Plateau.
The 100 foot cliffs with waves pounding against the black lava rock leave a lasting impact on those who visit here.

“I think it’s beautiful, it’s very peaceful here,” Karadeema said.

Lindbergh once said he would rather live one day in Maui than a month in New York. He lived his last days on the beautiful Hana coast, and now rests under the shade of a java plum tree in the quiet isolation he longed for.

Lindbergh's Childhood Home in Little Falls, MN