Maui Lockdown: Police Adopt Zero Tolerance & Residents Hunker Down

For all the talk about reopening Maui, the beaches are still only open for exercise. Stop and sit on a bench, and you'll get a ticket. Sit down anywhere, and you'll get a ticket. The Maui PD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy and if you're not actively exercising on the beach, you're getting a ticket. [...]
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Maui Unemployment Skyrockets, Economy Crumbles; Dr. Jim’s Predictions

For the past decade Maui has enjoyed one record year of tourism after another. Up until March visitor spending had reached record levels of $500 Million. Per Month! Since the Covid-19 panic it's plummeted to zero. The mayor has already announced a 20% wage cut for all county employees, and lots more budget cuts are [...]
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